Happy Festival of Lights: Philips Hue introduces the Festavia Light Chain



A smart Christmas tree with 250 mini-LEDs!

It is slowly becoming festive again, so especially the lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. With the new Philips Hue Festavia light chain, you can give your Christmas tree a smart light upgrade this year and brighten it up to your taste.

As the name suggests, Festavia is mainly made for festive days and special occasions. with About 250 mini LEDs on a Total length is 20 meters However, the string of lights can not only be wrapped around the Christmas tree, but also attached along a staircase or simply used for decoration.

Of course you can change the lighting completely Easily controlled via the Hue app And not only change the color, but choose from a variety of effects. So you have the choice of throwing a colorful Christmas party or enjoying time with friends and family. They are especially Christmassy New sparkle effect (a sparkle) And in diffuse mode (five colors distributed randomly), it’s a bit more relaxed with a candle or chimney effect.

Cozy twinkling lights or a colorful Christmas party

If you want to do it yourself, you can control each color point of the Philips Hue Festavia individually – perfect for a gradient color gradient. With the Philips Hue system, the Festavia is networked with other Hue products and can then also be connected via Spotify or Samsung SmartThings. Synchronized with music Willpower. Additionally, a timer can be set or a time switch can be saved.

With a length of 20 meters, Festavia would actually be perfect as Christmas lights for your home or garden. But fairy light No official protection from water And so unfortunately not suitable for outdoor use.

Philips Hue will do Festavia From November 11 for 159.99 euros RRP to buy, but initially exclusive at philips-hue.com. The smart light chain will only be available at a later date by Amazon, Mediamarkt and Co. It is freely available in the trade.

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