Harry Potter Movies Leaving HBO Max


Movies often come and go between streaming platforms, because companies have to pay for the rights. And now it is sure that the story harry potter will leave HBO Max To turn the other page, news that could sadden even the most diehard of the magical world.

According to what is reported through known means diversityThe movies will no longer be available from the latter August, 31, including eight films that saw the beginning and conclusion of the wizard’s story. This platform will be passed directly peachWhose rights have been fought tooth and nail to take away HBO Max.

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For its part, it has not been directly commented on whether it is production or not fantastic animal They will do the same, after all they are set directly to the same franchise. Added to this is the uncertainty of the documentary premiering at the end of the year, the 20th anniversary of its premiere. philosopher’s stone

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time this has happened to the movie, when it opened HBO Max in AmericaThe tapes lasted 90 days and went from there peach. Later they come back and for the second time they will stop this service cost.

It is not entirely certain whether the same will happen in its territory latam, But they may announce it soon.

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