Hasbro are planning a new version of the HeroQuest board game



The HeroQuest board game, a collaboration between Milton Bradley and Games Workshop published in 1989, has been out of print for years. One potential reason was the US trademark being taken up by tabletop RPG company Moon Design Publications—which is ironic, since Sierra had to change the name of their game Hero’s Quest to Quest for Glory when the digital version of the board game was trademarked in 1991. Anyway, Moon Design have given the trademark to Hasbro, owners of Milton Bradley, who are now crowdfunding a new version of the board game for North American release.

Hasbro is seeking $US1 million on its internal crowdfunding system HasLab, which they use to gauge interest in expensive toys aimed at adults like a Transformer the size of a child. HeroQuest has already raised over $US865,000 with 44 days left to go, so it’s going to make that target.


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