HBO canceled Westworld after four seasons




Among all the series that stands out HBONo more or less than the importance one of them has been able to give Westworld, which puts us in a scene centered around a robotic theme park. It had serious moments where users were on the verge of watching other chapters and now it will have a somewhat sad end, as it will be cancelled.

It should be noted that the producer of the program. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa JoyThere is ambiguity as to whether Westworld He will even return after the end of the fourth season. Nolan He previously said that he and Joy are “in talks with the network” and “will be very optimistic” about a fifth, and presumably final, season of the series.

All this suggests to us that the cancellation means that the finale of the fourth season will serve as the series finale, leaving the fate of the subsequent human extinction by machines and living creatures up in the air.

Westworld It premiered in 2016 and centered around a Wild West-themed amusement park populated by robots that visitors could interact with and role-play. Previous seasons have seen robots gain sentience and break free from the park and enter the human world, causing conflict between the two sides.

Note that seasons can be viewed on streaming sites.

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