Henry Cavill has problems with his PC Atomics


Behind all the muscles, the body of a Greek god, and hundreds of hours from Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cabill He is human like all of us. It means monotonous activity, How to Change Your Imposing PC FanSome of the problems that the actor faces day after day.

Cavill recently shared an update about his PC on Instagram. Due to its many years of use or the heatwave England has suffered in recent weeks, The actor was forced to trade in his AIO cooler for an NZXT Kraken Z73⁠. As if that wasn’t enough, it ditched the popular RGB ones and swapped original fans for brown and beige Noctuas.

Let’s keep in mind that at this point the recordings of the next season of The Witcher were stopped due to the problems of COVID-19, so Cavill has plenty of time to fix his PC, play more Warhammer and prepare to give Geralt of Rivia another go. above all, These images make it clear that the actor is at the end of the day a person who enjoys video gamesAnd willing to share his passion with everyone.

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