Here is Guillermo del Toro Atomix’s new Pinocchio teaser


Currently, there are two projects Pinocchio too developing One of these is in charge of Robert Zemeckis. Guillermo del Toro, on the other hand, is working on an animated film that will arrive on Netflix later this year. Thus, Today the first look of this tape was shared.

Unlike Robert Zemeckis’ work, which is live action, Guillermo del Toro’s project is fully animated. So the trailer gives us a better look at the main and supporting characters we already know and makes Ewan McGregor sound like Jiminy Cricket.

Its new movie Pinocchio too by Guillermo del Toro will hit select theaters next NovemberA December 2022 premiere on Netflix is ​​planned. On a related note, this is the trailer for the live-action Pinocchio movie.


Via: Netflix

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