Here’s how the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch cost us


Google is launching its new Pixel devices today and three new devices are available for pre-order right away. We already told you that Google will have attractive bundle offers if you opt for a Pixel 7 smartphone. Now the final price in Euros is also known.

Google may keep the price of the Pixel phone

The Pixel 7 is available for 649 euros. What’s still missing here is the price of the 256GB version, which is supposed to be available in Europe. With the Pixel 7 Pro, the base with 128 GB of memory costs 899 euros like its predecessor, and 999 euros due for 256 GB of memory. Again, Google does not exceed the four-digit limit.

The Google Pixel Watch remains an expensive proposition

The last few weeks of pricing for the Pixel Watch have been confirmed. The suggested retail price is 379 euros for the WLAN version, and 429 euros for the standalone LTE version. So pre-orderers get the best deal by buying the Pixel 7 Pro and getting the Pixel Watch LTE as a free gift.

Guessing the price: Watches are expensive, mobile phones are cheap

I think the price of the smartphone is quite fair. I’m still unsure about the watch, it’s a lot of money. I would make it dependent on functionality. If it’s really good and not tied to the Pixel phone, like the Galaxy Watch and some phone features, for example, the Google Watch is more interesting anyway.

I would expect the first price drop during the Christmas season as well. Thanks to the high-quality free addition, the Pixel 7 Pro has a theoretical discount from the start, which is already too much for the actual price stability. So it’s worth waiting two months before making a purchase.

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