Here’s probably the best 27-inch iMac rival powered by Windows 10 – and it’s pretty cheap



Hystou all-in-one workstation – $1,253.70 at AliExpress
This all-in-one workstation from Hystou is up there with the best iMac Pro rivals on the market – and it costs only a fraction of the price. If you can abide a product from a lesser known vendor, check it out!View Deal

A flurry of new products have been launched in the last few weeks, based on the new Intel processors. One in particular caught our eye, because it almost seems too good to be true.

Hystou is selling an all-in-one gaming computer for circa $1,250 (£1,000/AU$1,775) via its AliExpress store. But frankly, we see it more as an Apple iMac Pro competitor, which is especially true once you’ve beefed it up.


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