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The Halloween series currently consists of 14 films spanning 44 years of history. However, the end is near. Thus, A new trailer has been released recently Halloween is overThe tape that plans to end Michael Myers’ story.

The trailer was shared by Universal Pictures The final confrontation between Myers and Laurie Strode presents us with the still played Jamie Lee Curtis. So, this progression is focused on the clash between these two characters.

Halloween is over Continues the line of films that began in 2018, ignoring all sequels to the original film. According to David Gordon Green, it is a love letter to the work of series creator John Carpenter. For its part, Jamie Lee Curtis has mentioned that this will be the last Halloween movie, at least for now.

Halloween is over Hits theaters on October 14, 2022. On a related topic, you can learn more about Halloween here.


Via: Universal Pictures

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