Here’s what happens if you click this button on an iPhone: Awful for users



Among the users who own an iPhone, the news is doing the rounds on the web If you click on a certain button, an unexpected thing will happen. The function is very useful and interesting

the newcomers iPhone 14 A few weeks ago they have now become a reality. And predictably, they are already selling like hot cakes among fans of the sector and not. So much so that Apple itself has announced a slowdown in supply, due to a lack of supply To meet the incredible demand.

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There is a hidden feature of iPhone that you must know about. Just press a key (Adobe Stock)

The success of iPhones, as well as the winning brand, is determined by the features introduced by the Cupertino OEM. over all moving island, which replaced the notch (pro models only for now). However, it is good to know some hidden features. For example, there is a button that, when clicked, allows access to a Irresistible features for users.

iPhone, here’s a function you must know

The function in question is by far the most talked about. from iPhone, in fact, has a handy key that lets you access a feature that few people know about but which can be extremely useful. Now virtually everyone uses their smartphone to take photos and record videos, convert Galleria On a true roll of memory. So much so that it often becomes difficult to find specific content.

iphone 20221115
You can take full advantage of the potential available for Apple’s smartphones (Adobe Stock)

Or at least, so one might think. Because the function we are going to tell you about works precisely to enhance the search through the intelligence of our device. By opening the dedicated app, just do it Tap the photo or album above Bring up a search bar. All you have to do here is login One or more keywords, So you can find what you need.

enough material, as they can be “sea”, “pizza”, “London” and so on. Obviously the system cannot be fully completed, and some questions may not be recognized by the system. We suggest you do some experimenting to fully explore the full potential of the tool that Apple intended to have available to its consumers Precisely following the complaints received from the latter. We will see how everything will be received by iPhone owners. You can try it now, it is already available in the latest version of iOS


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