Hideki Kamiya Kudos to Nintendo for Bayonetta 3




Franchise’s road to fame Bayonetta It wasn’t easy, after the first game many thought the brand was lost because no one was interested in funding a sequel. Fortunately, in 2014 because Nintendo Sequels were a reality, and now, the third installment has met the same fate.

In an interview given to the magazine known as Dr FamitsuManaging Director as well as Founder Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiyawho is also joined by the producer Nintendo, Makoto Okazaki, They talked about the game making process. Noting that Kamiya made a video that makes believe Nintendo To release the third installment.

He even mentioned the praise he gave the company for agreeing to do one more magical adventure. Comment here:

I think Inaba (Platinum Games CEO Atsushi) asked me to make that video (laughs). He said that he wanted to show directly the passion of God. I said before that I wasn’t very involved in Bayonetta 2, but I wrote the story, and I think they kept it intact for the most part. Since I saw that it was well received, I wanted to expand the world for the fans and challenge myself. So I was very happy that we could do the third match. I am not exaggerating when I say that I will forever be indebted to Nintendo.

Note that the game is already available Nintendo switch.

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