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A couple of hours ago it was announced that Helena Taylor was the person in charge of the voice Bayonetta In the first two installments of the series, she did not play the witch for the new game due to the amount offered by Platinum Games not being deemed sufficient. After the original video, Hideki Kamiya has issued a response to this.

Through his Twitter account, Kamiya, producer of Platinum Games and Bayonetta 3issued a message that, without specifically mentioning Taylor and his statement, It is clearly directed to the voice actress and her video. This is what he commented:

“The false attitude is sad and deplorable. That’s all I can say now.

However, beware of my rules.”

It looks like Kamiya is not only happy with Taylor’s statement, but she points out that her comments are false. with this, It is implied that this could have negative consequences for the actress’ career. In her video, Bayonetta’s original voice states that she is not afraid of the repercussions of breaking her non-disclosure agreement.

Although Kamiya points out that Taylor’s statement is incorrect, There is no official statement from PlatinumGames or Nintendo at the moment That it manages to offer a message “The situation is out of her hands, as they originally pointed out when it was announced that Jennifer Hale, recognized for her participation in Mass Effect, would take on the role of Bayonetta in this title.

Bayonetta 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 28th. On a related note, you can read more about Taylor’s statement here. Likewise, this is the new trailer for the game.


Editor’s note:

What is happening is really shameful. Hideki Kamiya didn’t need to respond this way, take a quick look at his tweet and we can see dozens of comments against this position, many complaining that the solution would have been to pay Taylor what he was owed. Without a clear explanation, this message introduces us to Kamiya in a bad way.

By: Hideki Kamiya


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