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Before Stadia closed, various reports and rumors claimed that Kojima was interested in making the production Death Stranding 2 This is exclusive to the platform, but Google rejected the idea. nevertheless, Hideo Kojima’s new statement reveals that it never was.

In a recent episode of Brain Structure, Hideo Kojima’s podcast, the Japanese developer revealed that there were no plans to create Death Stranding 2 A Google Stadia exclusive, and This idea was not even approached for consideration. This is what he commented:

“I’ve had a good relationship with Phil Harrison for quite some time, going back to the Metal Gear days when he was in Europe. Rumors of Death Stranding as a Stadia exclusive or even a sequel are unfounded and impossible for Phil to deny.”

Apart from this clarification, Kojima doesn’t share more information Death Stranding and its possible sequels. However, previous statements by Norman Reedus indicate that the second part of the 2019 game is already in development, although it seems that it is still out of our reach.

On a related topic, a new video Overdose, Hideo Kojima’s next game. Likewise, Blue Box appreciates that Kojima clarified his relationship with the study abandoned.


Editor’s note:

Although the idea of ​​seeing Death Stranding in 2019 on Stadia was not unreasonable, and considering cloud technology, the possibility of seeing some kind of spin-off on this platform was not ruled out, making the sequel exclusive seemed impossible. .

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