Hideo Kojima revealed another actor that will participate in his new project



the actor

currently Hideo Kojima Its new video game has been releasing various tracks related to production, which so far haven’t shown us any sort of gameplay or the like. However, this does not mean that we gradually get to know the actors entering the project and now a new face in Hollywood is confirmed.

In a new teaser image, they start showing us some phrases with a bit of an existential question, accompanied by a red filter that finally lets us see no one’s face but ours. Shiori Kutsuna. For those who don’t know him, he has played the role Yukio inside death well 2A film that saw its premiere a few years ago


It’s worth mentioning that, since the project doesn’t have a name yet, it’s hard to tell if it’s the game or not which one working for Xbox, which will be dedicated to taking advantage of the cloud. For its part, it might as well be its sequel death StrandingWhat has already been confirmed will arrive in the future, through this Norman Reedus.

It is added that there will be a big announcement during the celebration Game Awards, so players should not wait so long for game related news. So we can find out if it will be a sequel to the game released in 2019, or if it is something completely different and will come exclusively to the Microsoft platform.

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Editor’s Comment: Everything is unknown for now, but with the cast being added, it is possible that it will break the paradigm again, something that the creators of Metal Gear Solid stories always do.


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