Hideo Kozima is mistaken for the killer of a former Japanese minister


A few hours ago, a little unexpected attack happened, since then the former Prime Minister Japan Shinzo Abe, He was shot and killed while at a meeting in the country. This leads to an immediate search for the person responsible for this act and in a somewhat indescribable mix, the killer was mistaken as its creator. Metal gear solid, Hideo Kojima.

Media outlets are known to have started all this ANT1There is a program called ANT News, His video shows how the killer learned. But the problem here is that they complement the news with a picture Which one?Clearly a pretty serious allegation and confusion.


It is worth mentioning that they are not the only ones to make this assumption. Well, known as a politician Damien Reu He also posted pictures of his network Which one? As if this is the culprit. The matter confirms that the matter in question came from the extreme left, so the murder was logical, before the internet realized the error and they informed him.


For now, those who thought the video game maker was a killer have deleted their posts, both YouTube videos and posts on Twitter. However, many people have captured the relevant, so the evidence is strong, and now that the real culprit has been caught, they are probably feeling ashamed of what happened.

Via: ANT1


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