Hiring and Firing: How to Stop It Impacting You on Social Media


Hiring and Firing: How to Stop It Impacting You on Social Media

When handled correctly, you can avoid the social media storm when hiring and firing. For instance, did you know that Amazon offers full-time employees up to $ 5,000 to quit their jobs? At first glance this may seem crazy, but Amazon spokespeople say it helps ensure that the people who are working for the company actually want to be there. While this may be a viable option for a big company such as Amazon, smaller businesses may not be able to offer this to their employees, so another option is needed.

Hire slow fire fast is a phrase that describes a new way of viewing the hiring process that prioritizes hiring candidates that will benefit the company long term rather than hiring people who can satisfy immediate needs.This means that each candidate is given significant thought regarding their individual skills, how they can benefit the company with their work, and how well they can fit in with an existing company team.

On the other end of hiring, the hire slow fire fast method also means firing employees who are not a good fit quickly so as not to bring down the rest of the business. While this may seem harsh, it really benefits everyone who is involved. Companies are able to search for a candidate that is a better fit, and the employee who is let go is free to pursue other options that may be a better fit for them. Keeping an employee who is not performing to the standards the company expects or who is not happy in their position can be detrimental to a businesses performance overall.

So while many businesses may not be able to weed out passionate workers by offering a reward for quitting, the hire slow fire fast method of finding new candidates can ensure that more time is spent finding great employees and helping poor employees find better opportunities elsewhere.

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