Home automation has never been so easy to use: discover this new “device”, you can’t do without it –



The world of home automation offers us A respectable new device, as well as functional based on what it has to offer. bad Specifications And will the cost satisfy us?

"Home automation has never been easier to use, discover this new one ""machine""You will not be able to do without it"
Are we interested in this system? –

A new line of buttons: Easy Smart is here

do you know Of course Easy Smart? i am A series of special buttons capable of performing the most varied possible actions. What characterizes them in this case is that they are inserted into a hidden display which, when the presence of people in the vicinity is detected, is displayed transparently under the surface coating. This way we are given an explanation of the function of the keys and the running events in icons or text.

The plate interacts with the whole system, displaying any ancillary information: instant consumption, status of some sensors or any alarm or pre-alarm condition. It uses an RGB backlight that creates a glow Side dish interior Ed outsider of the pane, i.e. the color assumed by the situation which also signals conditions requiring immediate attention from the user.

Is the cost and detail equivalent?

"Home automation has never been easier to use, discover this new one ""machine""You will not be able to do without it"
Overall it’s really interesting –

But why is it smarter than other devices? The system uses a ZigBee radio connection between components, which is necessary to createsmartAll activations and commands. It all starts with connected buttons, which integrate activation relays or dimmers and can therefore easily be used to automate a traditional system.

The mentioned components, thanks to this interface, are able to organize home automation events or send reports New app That the Jews created to control them. We will even be able to assign functions and icons to each button, configure the environment by inserting all the corresponding smart components inside, and program the behavior of the smart plates in detail.

The devices will be ready to be sold in 12 different colors and in boxes of three or four units, but it is possible that the 7-component version could also arrive in the future, though Dual function flexibility Not every key is as good as it sounds. As for the price, however, what can we say? A list price of the smart plate is only 100 euros, a button is about 40 euros and the Zigbee-Wi-Fi gateway can be bought for about 110 euros.

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