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With all the latest emerging announcements, the Honor 70 can have one of the best compartments for photographers in the world with its smartphone. Ecco tutti i dettagli

Sputano new information in merit that quotes the whole series Honor 70, the lancio sul mercato è previsto brevissimo. The asiatic point points to a high quality of specific proprietary techniques, uniting a precocious content and competency. We also have a parlor in the middle of the middle of the market.

Sputano new information in merit to be possible comparto photographic of the line-up Honor 70 (screenshot)

Nell’attesa that she’s really interested in the official news of her disposition and all that she knows and compares, leaks and dataner stanno continuo lavorare per square possible information nascoste. Una riguarda il comparto fotografico, che potrebbe essere tra i migliori merchandise present.

Honor 70, one of the sapphires we have with our photo camera

honor 70 20220515 cellulari.it
After the news was confirmed, we offered to buy the money from one of the more potential photocopiers in commerce (screenshot).

If the news is confirmed, we prepare a series Honor 70 with sensor photography Sony IMX800. If you treat a chipset that does not present the process, it will obviously appear in the top of the gamma of the setor. As far as Emergence is concerned, the dimensions of the 1,100-degree dimension, as well as the first place. Faced with a quick recap of the finesse that emerges, we can expect a device with display of 6,67 OLED polishes a 1080p resolution. Present compatibility with Reti 5G, but the battery should be up to 4800 mAh with support fast charge of 60W.

At the level of line-up vera e propria, tutto lascia pensare che alla fine verranno lanciate tre version: Honor 70, 70 Pro and 70 Pro +. Probably the ultimate quest from the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1However, due to the “consistent” of Dimensity 8100 and Dimension 9000. To quantify the photo camera, not only does the Sony IMX800 have an exclusive display of the Honor 70 Pro + but it also looks very different from other models. At the moment we are not going to arrive without confessing to the part of the azalea, and it is necessary to attend to learn more about the magnificence.

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