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The new Honor Earbuds 3 Pro earphones have been introduced in the last few hours and will arrive in Italy as well. Here’s what you need to know about it

Very important for these days Respect. A few days after the introduction of the new Honor 70, the company recently unveiled the range of top wireless earphones to the general public. Earbuds 3 Pro. It is a device that is certainly very interested and to attract the audience without too much pretense and those who do not want a quality and extremely expensive product.

honor earbuds 3 20220524 cellulari.it
Honor has officially introduced the new EarBuds 3 Pro earphones, also coming to Italy (screenshot)

Several interesting features that match the needs of the public. From Coaxial dual dynamic driver design 11mm diameter, with a ceramic piezoelectric twitter to ensure high quality base and treble.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro, all major technical features of the product

honor earbuds 3 20220524 cellulari.it
The product in question combines top-of-the-range features with a very elegant and pleasing design (screenshot)

Thanks to the presentation over the last few hours, we can finally get all the details about the wireless earphones in hand. Honor Earbuds 3 Pro. As already mentioned, the sound has a very comfortable dual-driver coaxial design with a guarantee of quality. Each headset is also equipped with a Damper of 0.6 mm, So as to be able to increase the sensitivity of the frequencies. In addition, thanks to the use of ceramics Low and high They should sound according to consumer choice.

Many features market eye to eye. In this case l’AI leakage compensation, Able to adjust parity according to usage conditions. So that more noise can be eliminated and almost complete isolation from the outside can be allowed. The real highlight, however, is the battery, considering that we’re talking about the world’s first headphones that support Fast charging. Guaranteed 2 hours of use with 5 minutes of charging, in addition to 36 hours of standby time without a case. At the price level, we talk 199.90 Euros. The two colors available are white and gray, very elegant and pleasing to the eye.


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