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The top of the Magic 4 series has finally reached Italy. A flagship that aims at the highest end of the market and is ready to play a supporting role together with Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy.

Honor Magic4 Pro Arriva in Italy – 300522 www.computermagazine.it

The idea behind its design and implementation Honor Magic4 Pro It is undoubtedly Photography And Video production. Honor wanted to push the accelerator, trying to increase its level even more Photographic quality You e Video production On the smartphone. But there’s more: With Honor Magic4 Pro, the Chinese company now offers a device, the former Huawei Symmetrical designTop-of-the-range display and functions for it Privacy Complete

Whose panel Honor Magic4 Pro A very good one 6.84 inches con Reduce the bones on each side of the frame. Turning the device we find a system one Triple cameraIncluding computational technology Super-fusion Which will produce images at very high resolutions and with optimal definition even in conditions Poor light. Don’t miss the recharge The Ultra-Rapida is a 100W, Compatible with both power cord and wireless technology. 50% recharge in just fifteen minutes; When for the whole cycle it will only be enough Half an hourVirtually a record.

Honor Magic4 Pro: Pre-order is open with a gift for first time buyers

Honor Magic4 Pro arrives in Italy - 300522 www.computermagazine.it
Honor Magic4 Pro Arriva in Italy – 300522 www.computermagazine.it

Honor Magic4 Pro is available for pre-order Already at this time and until 3 June 2022. Price? Even a true top of the range: 1099.90 At an early stage which, according to what has happened in recent years, should be much less in a few months. You will receive a wireless charger by pre-ordering the device at Honor Store 100W And up to a fast charger 135W.

In short, an ideal device for the best experience for those who are not above the competitors at the top of the flagship category: Samsung Ed Apples. Honor, including its Magic 4 Pro, will be able to create a co-star role in a landscape that is increasingly packed with great devices? Only time will tell; Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the new, amazing, top spot of the Chinese company born from Huawei’s ribs.

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