Horizon 3 is far away, Guerrilla announces a great sequel to Forbidden West



Horizon 3 è real, or very real, guerrilla Games has announced that it will arrive in a sequel to Forbidden West.

Oggigiorno il conflitto decennale che esiste tra Playstation ed Xbox He was changing his mind, trying to win the battle of Bataglia and the rules of ingaggio. The console war è ormai qucosa del passato, ora si parla soprattutto di battaglie legate ai servizi in abbonamento, con l ‘Xbox Game Pass At this moment there is more than ever before to play on PlayStation. The difference is that, as always, però, sono and video. And at the moment è PlayStation has the vantaggio of this point on Vista.

Horizon 3 is far away, Guerrilla announces a great sequel to Forbidden West

I Playstation Studios Here are some of the most popular and appreciated IP video stories. He is the son of a man who vanished from the middle of nowhere and who in some way modified himself to the story of the medium of intermediate stories fundamentally. gameplay incredible. And there are cyano titles that are all spelled, come God of War Ragnarok, for the fact that it is an incredible novelty, but also the most beautiful and recent giochi, which has always been inscribed on the proprietor’s name in the story of the video. This is where the sun goes down Horizon.

Horizon 3 è realt, guerrilla parla di un nuovo videogioco

Horizon Forbidden West è One of the most famous videos of this 2022, which is all over the place, but which is still the third parcel of tripla-A on the other hand. Febbraio se lo sono giocati proprio il titolo di Guerrilla ed Elden Ringthat from the time he got into the idea of ​​a multiplier with a fanbase enormity, he would have been implicit in his decision in another open-world.

Horizon Fobidden West

Horizon Forbidden West però si è difeso bene ed ha conquistato crita e videogiocatori, come si legge nella nostra recensione. The adventure Aloy, if you want to be spoiler, you can get the most out of the bristles brusco and strain, lasciandoci con tanti interrogativi aperti. The final interrogation, the creative director of gioco, Mathijs de Jonge ha così risposto a VG247: “It is our title finisse con un bel cliffhangerwhich is the preparation for ggioco event events. There is nothing else ”. Insomma, Horizon 3 esiste.


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