How Airplane Mode works and why you should enable it while flying



Find out why you should activate airplane mode during flight.

How Airplane Mode works and why you should enable it while flying

If we’ve ever flown or know a family member who has, we’ll be the first to know when the crew asks to activate airplane mode on mobile or electronic devices or even Turn off big ones like laptops, tablets etc.. Usually, we tend to pay attention to stewardesses and flight attendants but… do we know why we have to do this?

Avion mode

Airplane mode allows accurate communication between pilot and controller

We can think, as happened in the chapter where Bart Simpson turns off the console and the plane crashes We may cause accidents or interfere with flight systems. The The answer is noAlthough airlines force us to keep autopilot engaged and for good reason.

How Airplane Mode Works

Airplane mode works in a simple way. When enabled, we turn off all network connections on the phone.

This means when we activated this mode, We will not be able to send or receive calls, text messages or SMS and we will not access the Internet. On the other hand, GPS will stop working along with other communications like Bluetooth and NFC.

Obviously, we can use the applications already installed on our terminal and watch the downloaded content for offline moments.

What if I don’t activate it?

Airplane mode originated a few years ago with the clear idea of ​​being able to maintain good communication between pilots and controllers. A law was expressly made to stop the devices, so companies chose to build this function.

But what happens today? What happens if we turn off airplane mode? The short answer is No. Nothing is going to happen Since 2014, EASA or European Aviation Safety Agency has allowed flying without activating airplane mode.

Airlines tell us otherwise. Although it is true that the law has been so lifted, It depends on each airline to allow us or use mobile in airplane mode.

So why is it better to keep it active in our terminal

If we are not forced to keep it disabled, we would certainly prefer to keep it on, but, as we have already explained, activating airplane mode can be an advantage and not only for activating it on airplanes.

We recommend activating it on an airplane first Help clear communication between pilots and controllers. While it is true that nothing will happen or an accident will occur, communication may be affected as pilots or controllers may hear a kind of buzzing while communicating.

On the other hand, our phone battery will save. We can enable the functionality we want in airplane mode and keep the rest of the functions disconnected. Phone with lack of coverage You will constantly search for networks, so you will use more battery during the flight.

We can always try if there is Wi-Fi on the plane. Over time, airlines have started to include this functionality, but not all planes have it right now, so what we can recommend is that before the flight, we have a series, movie, podcast or book ready to enjoy on our flight.


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