How long will it take to complete God of War Ragnarok 100%?




The official opening is a few weeks away Ragnarok, God of War, Video games that will close with an improvement in terms of exclusives sony play station This means and while many are only going to complete the main story, there are others who want to get as much as possible, so the time they have to spend was recently announced.

During a new infection podcast Even after that medium known as IGN It was revealed that the video game will take just over 50 hours to complete in its entirety, which obviously includes the story and side missions. This means that the title will be an elaborate adventure that will wrap up the plot perfectly Kratos and his son.

One of its editors IGN It takes about 70 hours Ragnarok is the god of war and 100% completion. This is already higher than the average completion time. So perhaps you’ll take your time conducting activities and admiring the fan-made landscapes, ideal for taking screenshots.

Remember that Ragnarok is the god of war The latter is released 9 November andn PS4 y PS5.

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Publisher’s Note: Wow, this will be a beloved exclusive, especially for fans who have followed the franchise for years. It takes a little longer to have our copy in hand.


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