How much money goes into Nintendo for Switch Online will be revealed




Recently various regulatory agencies are said to be reviewing the purchase Activision Blizzard by NintendoAnd some choices UK Decided not to support the decision. However, there are others like Brazil Apparently they have no problem, they will even publish interesting documents.

In these papers it is stipulated that Nintendo About a billion dollars will enter its platform Onlinewhich began 2018 With the implementation of NES games and online games of various titles. That figure has grown thanks to expansion Nintendo 64 And some free DLC for members.

According to the data, Nintendo Switch Online 932 million dollars in revenue 2021 and accounts for 10-20% of the console’s total multi-game subscription market. Compare that Xbox Game Passwhich received 30-40% on revenues of $2.9 billion, and play stationwhich represents between 40 and 50% of that market.

This information has not yet been approved by the companies, so the authenticity of the said document is still in doubt, something that was already reviewed in previous news with Income. Microsoft with respect game pass.

Through: Tweaktown


Editor’s Comment: It is somewhat suspicious that such information is surfacing around the Microsoft purchase, however, it is not a good idea to rely entirely on these unsubstantiated documents.


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