How much money goes into Xbox from Game Pass revealed; Not to be confused with earnings




Xbox Game Pass It’s one of the most popular platforms at the moment, and that’s because of the large catalog of games it carries, but many question whether it’s profitable. Microsoft. Against this background, a supposed document has emerged that would show how much money the company makes for its video game rental service.

It is said that Microsoft Papers must be presented before the regulatory body Brazil (Some are not 100% sure), mentions that the company entered $2.9 billion by Xbox Game Pass. Although the text above never directly says that it is, it only says “subscription service for consoles”. This is in 2021.

It is mentioned that the version at any time game pass for pc, So if the paper is fully valid then the money for it is not mentioned yet. In addition, the amount is only mentioned How much they get from the service will be, but there is no mention of the investment required and the profit margin is much less.

We emphasize that again At the end of the day your own Microsoft Many media have not confirmed the existence of the document, despite reporting it as supposedly real, so the entry at the end of millions of dollars cannot be correct. its success game pass It continues to increase as the months go by, but for now a figure has not been released that is verified by the company that owns the product.

We have to wait for someone from the company to confirm or deny the information.

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