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As millions of people around the world practice social distance and do their office work from home, video conferencing has quickly become the new norm. Whether youAgain Attend regular work meetings, attend Virtual Happy Hours with friends or visit extended family All over the worldVideo conferencing is a convenient Options Per Many activities we can no longer do In real life. But With the rapid adoption of video conferencing tools and apps, is security declining along the way?

Avoid virtual party crashers

One The security vulnerabilities that have recently made headlines are the power of invitees Participants To bomb Virtual meeting of users. How? According to ForbesMany users have posted links to their meeting invitations on social media sites like Twitter An attacker can simply click on one of these links and interrupt an important conference call Or Meetings with inappropriate content.

Make sure the data is in the right hand

Online conferencing tools allow users to share files via virtual meetings and chats. But aAccording to Security BoulevardCommunicating confidential business information quickly and in person can be challenging with these tools. For example, users are not always available immediatelyEven When working from home. In fact, many parents At the same time As twice Parents and teachers working with the recent closure of schools and child care providers. If you want to share personal information with a user Colleagues But they are unable to connect via video or phone, They can return using a messaging platform without end-to-end encryption, A feature that Prevents third party recipients from viewing private messages. This could be a leak or unintentional sharing Confidential information, whether personal or corporate. What’s more, the lack of using a secure messaging platform can present a hackWith the opportunity to infringe on the victim’s data or device. Depending on the severity of such violations, a victim may be at risk Identity Theft.

Pay attention to privacy policy

With The latest wave of new video conferencing users, the privacy policy has been placed under a microscope.. According to WiredSome online conferencing tools have had to update their policies to reflect this Collection of user information and meeting materials Used for advertising or other marketing efforts. Another privacy concern was expressed By the attention-tracking feature of a video conferencing tool. This is a warnings Virtual meeting host When an Participants do not have a meeting window in their device foreground for 30 secondsAs a result, users feel that their privacy has been compromised.

How to secure video conferences

Video conferencing will continue to be a tool as users become accustomed to working from home A Required The path to virtual communication. But how can users do that Putting their online security first? Follow these tips Help Make sure yours Unearthly Meeting Protected:

Do your research

Lots of video conferencing tools are available online. Before you download the first one you see, do your research and check for possible security vulnerabilities around the tools. Does the video conferencing tool you are considering use end-to-end encryption? This ensures that only participants meet There is power Decrypt Secure meeting materials. In addition, bBe sure to read the privacy policies listed by the video conferencing program The most secure and fit your needs.

Secure your meeting password

To ensure only invited participants Can access Your meeting, Make sure they are password protected. For maximum security, activate passwords for new meetings, instant meetings, private meetings and people joining on the phone.

Block users from taking control of the screen

To prevent users (either welcome or unwanted) from taking control of your screen while you are video conferencing, select the E-Block optionVeryone without hosting (you) from screen sharing.

Turn on automatic updates

By turning on automatic updates, you are guaranteed to have all the latest security patches. And improvement They will be available for your video conferencing tool as soon as possible.


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