How to blur the background on Google Meet


(Pocket-lint) – Video conferencing is very much on the rise, now a regular feature of both working and social lives.

Blurring the background is a popular option for many people because it can protect your privacy, or it can just hide the fact that you’re working in a basement or shed.

Google Meet background blur 

The option blur the background on Google Meet is a new addition, while companies like Zoom have offered this for some time. Fortunately, turning it on is really easy.

  1. Open your Google Meet via
  2. Click the logo in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Your background will now be blurred.

It’s as simple as that. As Google Meet doesn’t have any complex user interface, you don’t have do dive into the menus, but if you do, you can also find the option there.


Where is background blur available? 

Background blur in Google Meet is starting in Chrome on MacOS and Windows. ChromeOS and mobile apps will get the feature in the future and we’ll update when they do. 

When will I get Google Meet background blur? 

Google has confirmed that the feature is rolling out, with G Suite users getting access to the feature from 15 September for rapid release domains, and 28 September for scheduled release domains. There’s no admin for it, it just works.

Google Meets users with personal accounts will also get access. At the time of writing, our G Suite account had access, our personal account did not, so it’s going to take some time to land.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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