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How to best clean Apple-brand wireless earphones, AirPods? A question that many owners of Cupertino Bluetooth headphones have asked themselves, but to which they probably have not found the answer.

How to clean AirPods, 7/26/2022 -
How to clean AirPods, 7/26/2022 –

This article can therefore be very useful: read step by step how to clean AirPods and you will not be disappointed at all. Cleaning Bluetooth headphones is very important because like any object that we use often and touch as much, it gets dirty and Dirt comes in contact with the ear. Before discovering how to proceed, pay attention Apple’s instructions, starting with nDo not put your AirPods or AirPods Pro under running water. So it is essential to use one soft, dry clothes, And if there are stains on the headphones, it is recommended to slightly moisten the same cloth with fresh water. Once completely dry, the earbuds can be returned to their charging case. Instead, the metal grill of the microphone and speaker should be cleaned with a Cotton fioc Dry, and in any case, you don’t have to Do not use sharp objects or abrasive materials.

A kit of 6 cloths

So if you are looking for microfiber cloth, we have selected it 6 cloth kits Perfect for cleaning AirPods without damaging them as they are soft and lint-free. The price is 8.99 euros. Among other things, you can use them to clean glasses as well as tablet and smartphone screens.

MR.SIGA – Microfiber cloth 8.99 euros
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Two reusable cotton bows

Very comfortable, always the official advice of apples, even cotton buds and in this case we want to recommend Reusable templates. They are sold Two pieces in a convenient bamboo package, And they cost 9.99 euros per couple. Obviously, like cloth, these products also lend themselves to the most varied uses.

2 x cotton fiock reusable for €9.99
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Airpod case cleaning kit

Instead we’d like to suggest this practical one for cleaning the AirPods case 5 in one kit equipped with a multifunction brush And the dust extractor, selling on offer for €12.74.

Hagibis Soft Keyboard Cleaner Brush 5 in 1 from 12.74 euros
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Isopropyl alcohol for accommodation

We are off with isopropyl alcohol, which you can use on a soft cloth to clean the AirPods case more thoroughly. The version produced by Nilox is specially designed for electronic devices and is sold here 9.57 euros (200 mm format).

Isopropyl alcohol spray at €9.57
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