How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network



We explain which settings you should apply to ensure your mobile connects to the 5G network whenever possible.

How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network

The moment has come. You already have one of the best 5G mobiles on the table and you are ready to configure it for the first time but, What settings should be applied so that it connects well with ultrafast network? The benefits of 5G are significant. Little by little, it will revolutionize the smartwatch market, and it will do the same with other products that promise better interconnectivity. However, now our interest is your device.

In this article we explain How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network. Additionally, we show you in which cases you cannot take advantage of this technology, even if your device is compatible. Here you will find everything you need to know about 5G and your terminal.

Configure your 5G mobile to connect to the fastest network

How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network

Setting up 5G on a compatible mobile is very easy

loss Android phones compatible with 5G They are configured by default to access the fastest network, whenever possible However, as a user, you can verify that this is the case. If for some reason the parameters applied are not correct, it will not help you stay with a company that offers 5G.

How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network

In a few steps, your mobile will start prioritizing the 5G network over the rest

Set up 5G on an Android device It’s that simple:

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. press SIM card and mobile network. The name of this section may change depending on the manufacturer of your mobile.
  3. Select the line compatible with 5G if you have multiple SIMs inserted.
  4. tap Preferred network type.
  5. In the list of options, click Choose 5G.

From this moment on, your device will Connect to 5G whenever possible. Obviously, that is “when possible” This means that you won’t always be connected to a super-fast network. Why?

Enabling 5G on your mobile is not enough to navigate faster

Previous settings on your device In favor of connecting to 5G networks. However, sometimes there may be no possibility to access it.

How to configure a 5G mobile so that it connects well to the network

To enjoy a 5G network, apart from your mobile being compatible, other conditions must be met, such as the coverage or operator that offers it

The reasons are as follows:

  • You don’t have coverage. While it is true that it is becoming more widespread, not all places have 5G coverage. If you live in an area far from a big city or live in a rural environment, you probably won’t be able to enjoy super-fast network for a season. It’s only a matter of time before it arrives, but for now you’ll have to settle for it. In fact, this is one of the questions we put on the table in our analysis of the factors that must be taken into account before buying a 5G mobile.
  • Your operator does not offer it. There are still operators who do not offer 5G connectivity. Without further ado, to write this article we used a Xiaomi 11T compatible with the 5G network, but with a Pepephone SIM. The result? Despite configuring it correctly, we are still connected to 4G. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact your operator for an estimate of when 5G will arrive on your line.

Connecting to 5G networks affects autonomy

Finally, we address a sensitivity issue. While 5G networks greatly improve download speeds, Affects device autonomy. Sometimes you may prefer to save battery life instead of browsing faster. What can you do about it?

Just follow the steps mentioned at the beginning of this article, but Selecting only 4G network. In no case do we recommend marking you as a preferred option 3G network, since the reduction in the transfer rate will be very pronounced. Check out our guide on how to disable 5G to save battery. In it you will find all the details of the procedure.

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