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More and more shots are taken in our daily life and especially during holidays, trips, parties and celebrations. And, by increasing the image quality, the weight of their files also increases, while the storage space on our smartphones decreases. Here are some useful tips to transfer our archives to PC.

How to Transfer Photos to iPhone PC October 11, 2022
To transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC, you can use iTunes or System Photos app –

We are more and more Photo, more beautiful and in a higher resolution. Which has all kinds of consequences starting from the increase in quantity memories At our disposal, this is immortal overexposure of our daily life through the web.

And, from a technical point of view, also growth documents Things that may appear to us to be “temporary” and organic, are actually elements that are needed physical space in which they can be stored and archived. Space, moreover, is increasingly large and vast, despite all progress Nanotechnology and from miniaturization.

even”weight“The number of files is increasing, as the resolution quality of the photos we take improves with each new launch of smartphones and devices capable of capturing more or less important moments of our day. So, often, we find ourselves advertising soon We have run out of storage space.

How to recover storage space by transferring us from iPhone to PC

Transfer Photos to iPhone PC October 11, 2022
You can use the Photos app or the Image Acquisition – app to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac

To reclaim storage space on our smartphone, we can take a few steps Useful adviceStarting from simple: that, fromDelete permanently Unnecessary shots, eg similar to (which can sometimes number in the hundreds) and photographs for which we have no particular interest in archiving. We can do that too manually Both through numerous uses App Clear the archivewho run operations for us.

Or we can use Cloud storage space, free for small parts or pay for important space, transfer content and then delete from our smartphone. Or, again, to achieve the same result without cost and with archives in the localityWe can transfer our photos pcBe it Mac or Windows.

If interfaced with iPhone a MacOperation is really simple: just use picture Or, alternatively, of Image capture To remove all desired content. If, on the other hand, it interfaces with WindowsYou need to download iTunes From the Apple website and proceed with the standard transfer or alternatively, use the app pictureRemove it from the menu get startedWith connection via USB.

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