How to find and mine iron in Valheim



Looking for Valheim iron? Unlike Valheim flint and stone, you won’t stumble across a bar of valuable iron on your travels. This useful resource has to be mined and smelted before you can begin crafting more durable tools and armour. There are a few steps involved in extracting and processing this raw material, but I can assure you it’s worth the effort.

You’ll need to venture into more dangerous territory to find Valheim scrap iron, so you’ll need your best armour and weapons on hand for the job. It’s also impossible to teleport with metal ores, so prepare for a long stroll, and pack a few extra supplies to keep you going. Here’s what you need to know about Valheim iron, including how to find, mine, and smelt it.

Valheim iron ore: Where to find and mine the precious resource


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