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Amazon’s powerful Alexa Voice Assistant is after many hats in our lives. A knower of everything on the web, a controller of all our smart home devices, a digital rollover of contacts, calendars and lists and a seeker of annoying spirits who refuse to rest. What are you waiting for?

As part of Alexa’s lineup of impressive features, the voice assistant can also be used for scary parlor tactics, terrifying guessing games, and ghost-hunting skills. From spooky stories to unstable audio, there are plenty of awesome things that Amazon’s right hand can show at your next awesome rally.

If you are interested in enjoying some after-life entertainment with your favorite Alexa devices, we have put together this list of our favorite spooky Alexa skills.

Become a paranormal investigator

Remember Pokemon Go? That mobile interactive adventure that plunged us all into unfamiliar geography to catch digital critics? Okay, a slightly cooler version of the ROM-and-Capture game is available on the compatible Alexa device Ghost detector.

This is the setup: you say every day, “Alexa, open the ghost detector” and your digital sail skills will turn on. Then, Alexa will let you know if there is any ghost to capture nearby. If there is, you say, “Alexa, tell the ghost detector to catch the ghost.”

If Alexa is able to shake hands with ghosts, you will be given a certain amount of Ghost Bux, a kind of in-game coin that allows you to expand your ghost-hunting arsenal. You can only find one spirit per day, however, if you plan to collect these fantastic dollars, you will make a point to check in the spirit state as many times a week as possible.

Ring on the campfire vibes

Over the years, mankind has feared fooling itself with horrific ghost stories, urban legends and “you have to be there” speeches from friends and family. Now Alexa can join you and you in the ghostly tradition of telling scary stories.

One of our favorite ways to find out the story of Alexa is to find a hall Meta With. Here’s a fun Alexa skill called Haunted story Which falls under the Alexa Blueprint umbrella. Spooky Stories is a kid-friendly creator that lets users add names, sound effects and other descriptive elements to a PG-rated Halloween story. Skills provide hours of easy to use and customizable enjoyment. Once your story is put together, ask the voice assistant to read the prose, “Alexa, open my spooky story.”

Alexa has some more great storytelling skills. Scare me Alexa works by telling you a two- or three-sentence ghost story, and while some users have argued that the stories aren’t getting cold enough, they might prove otherwise that we had to turn on the lights.

And if you want to deny the skill altogether, you can always say, “Alexa, tell me a ghost story.” In a matter of seconds, the voice assistant will call a guest speaker into action, delivering a short, family-friendly bit of daily-e-Halloween entertainment.

Call for a cool soundscape

Hill House from Netflix's original series 'The Hunting of Hill House'

Whether it’s during Halloween or not, Alexa can help you turn your peaceful home into an atmospheric tomb with a handful of terrifying soundscape skills.

One bunch is called best-review Halloween sounds. As the title would literally suggest, asking Alexa to turn on this skill turns your echo speaker into a sound board for everything terrifying. Amazon reviewers have noticed how authentic these looped bytes are, sounding for hours on end for any kind of Halloween shindig or other macabre event.

There are also Haunted house. Once you ask Alexa to open the skill, the voice assistant will dial a scary bit of random audio that lasts for about 30 seconds. Be prepared: While some curated tones are a bit generic and ridiculous, there are some selections that really raise hair.

Become an unforgivable monster

Shouted Drew Barrymore.

Has anyone in your family been going under your skin lately? Well, Alexa and her screaming band of demonic friends can help you level the playing field with a skill Spooky screams.

Once you’ve added skills to your Alexa device, you can issue time-based commands, such as, “Alexa, tell Spooky Scream to start in 10 minutes.” When 10 minutes are up, your echo device will emit a soul-destroying scream that is guaranteed to get you with the sibling that it came from.

An excellent joke skill, keep in mind that some screams are definitely towards blood-burning, which is why spooky scrimmage is not the most suitable skill for youngsters.

Fight for survival in a scary game (or two)

There is no such thing as an “interactive” game of chess where the ultimate reward is the preservation of your soul. Although Alexa can’t stand you against a Grim Reaper like Max von Sido Seventh sealYou can use Amazon Assistant to do some other awesome adventure.

Feel the pressure of Halloween Popular is a spooky iteration Feel the pressure The letter game, where players are assigned multiple questions based on the alphabet that we all know and love. “To save your soul” you need to guess 10 answers correctly in a row, so start reading your awesome vocabulary.

We love too Monster Madness, A game of chance that can be played with up to six players. In each round, contestants are asked to open a door. Depending on what is on the other hand, players will either gain or lose points that can be exchanged and stolen by competitors, including throughout the rest of the game.

Whisper like a wraith

More of a general decency feature than a springboard for horror, Alexander Whisper mode can be admittedly uncomfortable to be employed.

Designed to allow you to communicate with Alexa while other family members are asleep, enabling the function in the Alexa app will allow your chosen Alexa device to hear whispered voice commands. Then, instead of responding to the assistant’s default voice, Alexa chooses to whisper her own.

Well, we know it’s not I mean It has to be scary, but testing this ability at 3am can be overwhelming. Alexa’s calm voice is very real and it can feel like you’re delivering something from another state (if you let your imagination go wild after midnight).

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