How to share photos in Google Photos


After uploading content to your account, you can share it with people through Google Photos. The process is quick and easy; However, within Google Photos there are a few more special options that are only useful in certain situations. This can be confusing, so let’s quickly explain how you can start sharing your photos and videos with Google Photos.

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Short answer

To share photos and videos from Google Photos on Android and iOS, open the Google Photos mobile app. Long press and hold any photo or video you want to share Share Button in the upper right corner.

To share photos and videos from Google Photos to your computer, go to the Google Photos webpage in your browser. Select the photo or video you want to share by hovering your mouse over the checkmark. Select Share Button in the upper right corner.

Main section

Google Photos makes it easy for you to share personal or multiple photos and videos at a time Since you don’t have to move a bunch of files to your computer, and all the content you work with is in cloud storage, the file-sharing process can be fast and cover a great distance.

How to share photos and videos (Android and iOS)

The most common way to share photos and videos is directly from your mobile device. Often you can open a social media app like Instagram and then share your photos or videos from there. However, if you want to share certain photos with specific people, you always have the option to go to Google Photos and share photos and videos.

To get started, open the Google Photos mobile app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Long press (press and hold down) any photo or video you want to share; Will select it. If you want to select multiple photos or videos, you can tap on anything else you want to share from this screen.

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When you are ready to continue, press Share To open the button in the upper right corner of the app Share menu.

Sharing Google Photos from the phone's screenshot sharing menu

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The share menu is divided into two sections: Send to Google Photos And Share on the app.

Send to Google Photos

This first section is dedicated to people in your Google Contacts list who have a Google Account and can access Google Photos at will.

If you choose Send to Google Photos, You will open a new conversation by sending the recipient (s) of what you have chosen. Think of it like going to Facebook Messenger and starting a new chat with someone. You have the option to create a group and send photos and videos directly to multiple people New teamOr you can select any single recipient in your Google contacts.

They will receive an email saying “[your name] To share [the content you selected] With you. “For example, if I share a picture with a friend, they will see the message.”Curtis Joe To share A picture With you. “

Sharing Google Photos from Phone Screenshot Email

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Below the message is a button that they can click to view shared content on a messenger-style conversation page.

Sharing Google Photos from Phone Screenshot Messenger Style Page

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Alternatively, they can open and tap their Google Photos app Sharing Below is the tab, where they can see what has been shared It acts like a messenger chat or conversation and you can delete any shared image here.

Share on the app

From sharing phone screenshots to sharing Google photos in the app

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Share on the app The share occupies the bottom of the menu and is universally applicable. Here, you can create a link to your photo by tapping Create link. You can share this link with anyone, and whether they have a Google Account or not, they will be able to see your selected content.

You can also share your photos and videos directly with other social media apps. These include Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can even send pictures and videos in direct messages from Google Photos to other social media apps from here.

How to share photos and videos from your computer

If you do not have your phone in hand, you can always share photos and videos from it Google Photos website.

To do this, open a browser on your computer and go to the Google Photos website. Hover your mouse over the photo or video you want to share. A gray checkmark will appear in the upper left corner; Click it and make it blue Select That piece of content. Do the same for any other photos and videos you want to share, to select them all at once.

Google Photos Sharing from Desktop 1

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After selecting everything you want to share, press Share Button in the upper right corner. It will open Share menu.

Sharing Google Photos from a Computer2

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This is where desktop experience differs from app sharing.

Send to Google Photos Almost the same; You can choose New team Send selected photos and videos to multiple people or send them directly to people. Below, however, you have only three options: Create link, FacebookAnd Twitter.

Choose the method that best suits your situation to share your favorite photos and videos from Google Photos to your computer.

How to manage shared photos and videos (mobile app)

As mentioned earlier, you can share Google Photos content directly with other people. To see your shared content and who you shared it with, tap 6 Sharing Tabs in the Google Photos mobile app for Android or iOS.

To manage your shared content in any conversation, tap the recipient’s name or group and select that conversation. Alternatively, if you share it via a link, it may appear as a shared date You can also select it.

Manage shared photos from mobile devices 1

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To handle this, tap on any photo or video in that conversation

  • You can select and delete it Removal Or Remove from album
  • You can choose Use as album cover
  • You can Download Table of contents
  • And more

How to manage shared photos and videos (website)

Manage shared photos from computer

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Go to the Google Photos website and click Sharing Tabs to manage your shared photos and videos. You can select any of the conversations here to manage shared photos or videos. This includes deleting photos or videos, covering it with albums and much more.

What is “partner sharing” and how do you set it up?

Partner Account 1

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Google allows you to share photos with a partner through “partner sharing”. This button appears in the lower left corner when you go Sharing Google Photos tab. It allows you to share large groups of photos, everything, even if you like, with the people you like.

Partner Account 2

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The first step is Choose your partner. When you click Let’s get started Button, you will find a list of other Google contacts. Select your partner from the list to continue.

Adding a partner account

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Next, you must choose what access to your partner. It includes All photos Or Pictures of certain people. You can choose how far you want to go back in terms of the dates of the pictures you want to share.

Partner Account 4

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Finally, select Send invitation Upstairs Make sure Screen to finish.

Send an invitation to Google Photos

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Yes! You can choose Copy the link Share your photos and videos as a link with anyone.

You can set up “Partner Sharing” to share everything with anyone you like.

Go Sharing Tabs in the Google Photos website or mobile application. If photos and videos are shared with you, they will appear here

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