How to turn on noise cancellation in Google Meet



(Pocket-Lint) – Google makes small but impressive tweaks to its software, and is now well-known for its Google Meet, which is called “denoiser”, which reduces noise in your calls.

Similar features are already available through the extension for a major competitor, Zoom, while Microsoft also said that it would bring noise cancellation to Microsoft teams, making it somewhat like an arms race.

However, Google has reached the line, and those who have G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education accounts should now look at the option.

How to enable noise cancellation for Google Meet

It’s easy to activate when the setting is available to you – just follow these simple steps:

  1. On the web, tap the three dots at the bottom of a meeting and go to the audio settings, where you will see a toggle to turn the settings on or off.
  2. On your mobile, in a meeting, tap the three dots at the top right of your screen and select the option to turn noise cancellation on or off.

When turned on, the feature works like any other word cancellation app we’ve used and seen – if you speak while making a sound that is obviously not a voice, or if a dog barks in the background, or whatever happens, the software The sound that will clip out

It can sometimes make you sound a bit clipped and distant, with all honesty, but in most cases it is absolutely desirable to get rid of the background noise.

As soon as this feature is rolled out, Google is setting the setting by default, which is interesting, although it is a very trivial task to turn it off again if desired. See if and when the feature can be extended to all Meet users, instead of just paying levels.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.


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