How to use Gmail’s email layout feature


something Gmail users can now customize Layout their email.

The option is currently only available for the web version of Google Workspace and was first announced in a blog post last summer.

Users can choose predefined layouts, add logos, and control layouts including colors, fonts, and images.

To set up the template, users need to click “Create” and find the “Layout” button in the row of icons next to the “Submit” button.

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The smartphone screen is displayed with the Gmail app logo.
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From there the layout gallery will open.

Select a thumbnail to preview the layout on the right.

After selecting the format, select Default Style to customize the form.

Users can choose from a predefined set of email templates that include images, text elements, and buttons.

In the footer description, users can enter names and addresses, and links allow users to add URLs.

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Make sure you save the changes to confirm the changes, then select “Paste”. How to add formatting to an email.

There users can change images and possibly remove sections from the template.

A look at the Google Gmail interface on a laptop, Jan 14, 2020.

A look at the Google Gmail interface on a laptop, Jan 14, 2020.
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Click the Layout button to start over.

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This feature was introduced at the same time as the multicast feature.

For regular users, Popular Science recommends Plugins like CloudHQ and Stripo – It’s not free though.

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