How to use LinkedIn to highlight your brand culture and attract the right candidates [Infographic]



As economic activity continues to grow as we go through the epidemic, this will create a new pressure on recruitment activities to meet growing demand.

But another side-effect of the epidemic is the sweeping change in recognized workplace rules, more people are now accustomed to working from home, and the additional flexibility it can bring, and others are re-evaluating their career paths in search of more meaningful roles. .

Of these, employer branding became an important element, and a key platform for employer branding is LinkedIn, where users go to learn about the latest industry trends and changes.

LinkedIn has already published a guide to effective employer branding methods, and today, shared a new overview of how it is a brand, NerdWalletHas used its platform to help increase the value of its brand and connect with more aligned candidates.

There is no heap of specific data insights, but as a general overview, it can help you think about how LinkedIn and other social apps can be used to strengthen your brand policy and showcase your culture.

You can read LinkedIn’s full NerdWallet case study report Here.

LinkedIn NerdWallet infographic


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