HROT is a new retro-FPS that looks like Dusk in the mid-80s Soviet Union



A friend of mine told me today that HROT was about to launch on Steam Early Access, after which I spent several minutes trying to figure out what HROT meant without asking for help. I eventually discovered that it’s not an acronym but an all-caps title for a new indie FPS set in a small Eastern Bloc country that’s suffered some sort of ill-defined disaster in 1986.

HROT is being made by a solo developer, Spytihněv, who says it uses a custom engine, written in Pascal, that imitates 1990s software rendering, “with unfiltered textures and polygon jitter.” There’s an obvious Quake aesthetic to the whole thing—it’s very brown—but I get a little bit of Kingpin out of it as well, and the setting brings to mind a sense of Stalker crossed with Pathologic. Some Steam commenters have also called out its similarities to the 1997 FPS Chasm: The Rift—I haven’t played that one, though, so I can’t comment.


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