Huawei news: The latest addition is crazy, users already love it



Around Huawei, we’re working day and night to release news that meets users’ needs. The latest in this sense is crazy and already doing the rounds on the web with millions of eager users

i i l Technology market It is constantly evolving, and it could not be otherwise. Every day different companies operating in this sector work on new prototypes and real devices, covering every trend and need of the moment. From this point of view stand out smartphones, increasingly future and with significant additions.

huawei 20220914
Huawei (Adobe Stock)

apple Just a few days ago he presented the new iPhone 14, When August rolls around Samsung With its foldable. Now it seems its turn Huawei Which, according to what has emerged, has a new proposal that deals with leaflets. Users are already on the skin after the first breakthrough and are now waiting for more news and rumours.

Huawei P50 Pocket is new, here’s what you need to know

Now, less than a year after the launch of the base model Huawei Looks like it’s ready to go back on the market with a new one Huawei P50 Pocket New. It is a legitimate alternative to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, introduced by Samsung just a few weeks ago. The idea is to focus strongly on a growing market, to achieve a prominent position and to be able to win over a good portion of the public. In terms of additional features and affordable price.

huawei 20220914
Huawei (Adobe Stock)

It is precisely on this last point in particular that the Chinese company wanted to concentrate. How? Obviously with a drop in price list. We are talking about 4999 yuan for the 256 GB version 718 euros at the exchange rate. While having 512GB of internal memory, it goes up to around 6999 Yuan 1005 euros. This is a significant change compared to the version released last year, priced at 1291 euros for the 256GB version. The savings are actually around 573 euros.

On the level of technical specifications already revealed, the display is a OLED has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The NPU uses XMAGE technology based on HiSilicon, which replaces the Snapdragon ISP. Instead of custom system software Harmony OS 3. Finally chip, which will Snapdragon 778 by Qualcomm. However, a slightly larger concession has been decided: Small external displays will be absent. Choices made with the desire to minimize final costs.


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