Hunter x Hunter creator submits alarming health update



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A couple of months ago, the fans Hunter X Hunter They had quite promising news, as its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, commented that he had returned to work as a famous manga artist. He even gave constant updates via Twitter, but now it seems that another hiatus will soon be due to health related issues.

On social media, the artist started the conversation when he posted a brief update on Chapter 399. It was there that he said his physical condition was still poor and he recently took some time off to focus on his current health.

My symptoms did not improve and I spent a lot of time in treatment and recovery. No 399… Creating a specific background effect.

Despite all these problems, Yoshihiro Togashi There has been some steady progress Hunter X Hunter, is not so rushed, but the effort and commitment to be able to integrate its history is noticeable. Due to the health of the mangaka, this creation has been constantly paused, but fans are happy to receive constant updates.

Fortunately, nothing has been mentioned yet about a new break for the project, since the writer’s assistants are providing him with lines that may be the most complicated for him. Also, he already has the plot in mind to continue, so they can imitate his lines to move the story along. Go Freecss y killua Zoldyck.

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