Hyper Scape Season 2 is live now, with a new weapon and district



Ubisoft’s lightning fast urban battle royale Hyper Scape enters Season 2 today, bringing a new area to its Neo-Arcadia map and introducing the Atrax explosive weapon. There’s also a new limited-time hack coming later this month in the form of Platform, which as the name implies, lets players create a platform wherever they want—good for reaching (and shooting from) hard to reach places. 

This new hack will factor heavily into one of the season’s time-limited game modes. Floor is Lava will require players to not touch the floor (it’s lava, you see) and having a platform you can deploy anywhere will make that a hell of a lot easier. Crown Rush Duo is another time-limited mode, which is pretty self-explanatory: Crown Rush is one of the core game’s main modes, and now you’ll be able to play it in duos. Meanwhile, Crown Rush solo will now let players slain in the early minutes of a match to be respawned thanks to a new feature called Second Chance.


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