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Good day, Xbox fans! Here we are launching our third Summer Game Fest demo event with 35 exciting game demos on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Like last year’s Summer Game Fest demo event, you can download and play these in your own home (and favorite pjs!) By June 21st.St. – 27M.

Demos are playable from today, and we encourage you to keep checking them throughout the week. Don’t forget that you can also respond to devs! Note that most of these demos may not present the entire game at the time of their release, including the initial appearance of the gameplay and availability in each country, as developers continue to update and refine their titles before launch.

We are also excited to share 11 Below are the newly announced games coming to Xbox!

Inside Ato, Each battle encounter an intense conflict for death. Perform risky Paris maneuvers, bounce off your opponents, avoid their attacks, and unlock new abilities to further expand your arsenal of options against your opponents. Each battle encounter has its own personality and fighting style. Challenge, observe and defeat every opponent you encounter as you try to bring your child back from the group you once served.

  • Boxville (Tromatica Games)

The main idea of ​​the game is that it is not just a game – it is an animated film that you can watch and play at the same time. We designed Boxville Gameplay aimed at relieving your anxiety and stress. You can explore and observe the world without haste and stress. The game is full of environmental exploration and logical puzzles that we have carefully selected from hundreds of options.

  • The game of despot (Confa Games)

Show the way to the stingy people The game of despot – Tactical army fighter like a rogue. Equip your team and sacrifice them through systematic dungeons as you fight enemies and other players!

  • Tired people (Candleman Games)

Tired people A slow action game with fun physics and ridiculous missions that provide a tiring life experience.

Indie rhythm game MUSYNX Now on Xbox! Real “Key” sound system, classic gameplay, unique visual themes and constant music updates! MUSYNX Waiting for you

A card deck-building roguelite! Explore the maze every time from Level 1!
In the underworld, a battle is declared to decide the next overlord. Complete the maze and collect crystals to win the title of Overlord! Go through the dungeon-like maze and create your card deck in a roguelite style! Pre-orders are now available

Inside RE: Call Play through the memory of the character you control. In this flashback your actions have immediate consequences for the present moment, allowing you to take advantage of the situation to advance the story. Deal with mind-bending puzzles that rely on changing your own memory to shape the future.

  • Richman 10 (Softstar Technology)

Richman 10 is a classic game of chess where players make money by dice and tricks (buying land and buying cards) to defeat other players. Fine Arts adopts a pure 3D Q version of the original painting style.

  • Stuffed (Weaving Bear Studio)

Stuffed A methodically created first-person shooter, which happens in a little girl’s dream. Play as a teddy bear and fight the waves of nightmares while protecting your boss. Play alone or join up to 4 player online co-op with your friends.

  • Wave break (Funktronic Labs)

Squeeze, grab and kickflip your boat as you walk through an explosive 80s crime-filled Miami vice-themed world. Wave break, The world’s first skateboarding game! Inspired by the Arcade Skateboarding Classic, enjoy the episodic single player campaign, online multiplayer with multiple custom game modes, and an advanced park builder!

  • Friendly (Niflas Games)

Fried A platform without any platform. Jump between floating, hand-drawn figures and unusual creatures, including fluid difficulty and movement. Melt into a highly responsive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ingles Custom (and unnecessarily complicated) music software. The full release will also have new content with new levels, news “platforms” and an unlockable minigame!

In addition to those titles, there is a great variety of games that will be available to try! Below is a list of games and their developers participating [email protected] Summer Game Fest Demo Event:

  • Another crusade (Dragon Wayne Studio)
  • Ato (Tiny Warrior Games)
  • Batora: Lost Heaven (Stormmind Games)
  • Battlecakes (Volcano Bin)
  • Boxville (Tromatica Games)
  • Investigator Brooke (Cockatoo)
  • The broken pieces (Experience elsewhere)
  • The game of despot (Confa Games)
  • Doodle God Evolution (Joybeats Games)
  • End – Extinction forever (Herobit Studio), Pre-orders are now available
  • Tired people (Candleman Games)
  • Grid Force – Goddess Mask (Platra Games)
  • Groto (Brainwashing gang)
  • Lost ruins (Altari Games), Enough now
  • Metal: Hellsinger (Outsiders)
  • Polyfury (Pathfinder Games)
  • RE: Call (maitan69)
  • Richman 10 (Softstar Technology)
  • Sail Forth (David Evans Games)
  • Isolated steel (Grelak Studio)
  • Shadorun Returns (Codeglue)
  • Spiderhack (I do not believe)
  • Strings theory (Beautiful bee)
  • Strong moon (Chihuahua Games)
  • Stuffed (Weaving Bear Studio)
  • Panic of Hemasras (To Lauren Lemke)
  • Tinikin (Splashteam)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Shoots, Blood and Tiff (Rogue)
  • Wave break (Funktronic Labs)
  • Wreck out (Four five six)
  • Fried (Niflas Games)

Go to your Xbox and start enjoying these great game demos on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S! And yes, we want to hear from you. Connect with us Twitter, Instagram, Conflict, TwitchAnd YouTube. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire to learn more about what Team Xbox has planned and, of course, enjoy an incredibly fun summer of gaming!

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