If it pings all cell phones at the same time: warning day is coming



This method is widespread in other corners of the world, but for Germany it is a novelty: while most of the population has a more or less up-to-date smartphone, people with older models should be able to get by as well. Mobile communication during disasters. This communication channel will be tested on December 8, 2022 under the keyword sell broadcast.

Only 50 percent of Android smartphones are up to date

But smartphones don’t have to be so old. Under iOS, smartphones with the Google operating system Android 11 require at least an iPhone 6s with the latest operating system.

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Measured in terms of global distribution, Android 11 is in first place with about 30 percent, and Android 12 accounts for another 20 percent, so the bottom line is that half are not reachable through cell broadcasts.

The message should arrive at 11 am

If all goes according to plan, all supported smartphones that are equipped with a SIM card and must be connected to a radio tower will receive a push notification at the same time at 11 o’clock.

Cell Broadca T Warn Y Tem Caled 1

Another advantage of cell broadcasting for authorities is that in a real emergency, the population can be notified very regionally using radio cells.


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