If you think that there is not enough story to tell in PC gaming, you are wrong


Since multiplexes have fully open backs and film distributors have reduced the hybrid streaming / theater strategy, modern cinema has a twist. The audience is not returning to the theater in large numbers for various reasons. From ticket price increases to everything related to the movie experience, the rise of Oscar-winning movies from streaming platforms like Netflix and AppleTV +, there is little incentive now.

This is why film studios are attracted to intellectual features such as established franchises, remakes / reboots and adaptations of comic books. Of course, Legendary filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola To overcome the lack of original storytelling with significant budgets using the popularity of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Modern console and PC gaming have gone into the same argument, even some of the best PC games sometimes go for the same storytelling for content.

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