If you want good pictures, don’t buy this Samsung



DxOMark puts the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s camera below the iPhone 11 or S21 FE.

If you want good pictures, don't buy this Samsung

despite Good impression in our analysisThe fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and its format clamshell With dual 12 megapixel cameras They were not born for the superior photography of the current range premium of the mobile market, and this is something that is undeniable that we ourselves have already confirmed in our tests.

And that actually Samsung has improved Further improving the double 12 megapixel sensor integrated in your smartphone fashionWhich actually has functionality in its camera that no one else has and which derives from the folding format and its potential, but always A lot less fallout in terms of results In the photographic department.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

They make adequate progress, but the Galaxy Z Flip4 is far from great photography.

Which definitely is Will be enough for many It’s also true, we’re not going to be demagogues, because it’s also true that its photographs are still above the big Android mid-range, although in reality We all expect a bit more in mobile category and price range Which Samsung didn’t want to give.

It’s not just us who say this, because a company is respected as a peer analyst DXOMark After going through their analysis table on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, they accompany us on the feeling, which It doesn’t suspend but it doesn’t surprise Being a little genius 49th position in global ranking DxOMark.x

Here you have it Best selling folding results of art in re-evaluation photographic Best known for:

If you want good pictures, don't buy this SamsungIf you want good pictures, don't buy this Samsung
If you want good pictures, don't buy this SamsungIf you want good pictures, don't buy this Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, review: The formula for success is now more refined

As you will verify, The Galaxy Z Flip4 beats Samsung’s Flip3 by just 1 pointThat sign ranks 49th with 112 units ranking Just above its predecessor, at the level of the 2020 Pixel 5 and Below smartphones like iPhone 11 or Galaxy S21 FE Which should have been crossed by now.

Actually, it is that OnePlus 8 Pro in early 2020 is also Right up there with 113 points This is showing the folding layer clamshell The fourth generation.

Breaking it down, we see that In photography, the Galaxy Z Flip4 copes well with 125 points (150 maximum) as well as in Bokeh, where he gets 60 out of a maximum of 80 units. paler in preview With a maximum of 69 points out of 91, though The worst comes with it zoom And its 60 out of 151 with high points and videosWhere it achieved the iPhone 14 Pro Max scored 113 points for a maximum of 149.

As we said, It’s not a bad phone in the photographic department For most users, that’s because it works well in photography and portraiture in most situations, though Always knowing that we cannot demand too much Given its characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

Galaxy Z Flip4 camera interface, very familiar and intuitive.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Keys in Photography According to DxOMark

In conclusion, and we know you like this description, here it is We break them down for you professional y opposite D DXOmark To summarize a comprehensive analysis that shows what we all already knew: the Galaxy Z Flip4 It is not designed to perform with all guarantees in photographyBut it’s versatile enough to deliver good overall results without much fanfare.

  • the best:
    • Consistent and good image quality on the main sensor.
    • Good video performance with good brightness and color fidelity for HDR10 content.
    • Satisfactory ability in outdoor and well-lit use cases.
    • Very good color rendering in almost all situations.
    • Very fluid and friendly screen and interface.
  • the worst:
    • Interior photos lack detail and little noise.
    • Limited zoom capability, also no audio zoom in video recording.
    • Dark audio on recordings and generally poor noise management, especially from wind.
    • Content looks unnatural in high brightness mode.
    • Night mode is poorly compensated and is too bright in default mode.

Full review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 on DxOMark


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