If you want the Pixel Watch, be warned, iFixit says it’s very complicated to repair



Experts say that under the hood, the Pixel Watch is a “very ugly” device that looks like the “first generation”.

If you want the Pixel Watch, be warned, iFixit says it's very complicated to repair

If you ask What secrets are hidden inside a Pixel watch so clear and circular, you should know that you are not alone in the world because we ourselves, at Andro4all, asked ourselves the same thing. In fact, it’s almost a tradition Every time a new or top-of-the-range device is launched We are all eagerly waiting for the meeting Surprises under the hood from its hands Ars TechnicaiFixit or similar industry experts.

Inside the Google Pixel Watch

A lot of first generation Vibes, almost a very advanced prototype for experts.

Of course we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the inside of the Pixel Watch, though first we have to tell you that Be very careful with the first smartwatch Made by Google For those of you who are going to buy one, because iFixit has made it very clear Teardown what Repairability and ease of access to its components are not its main features at all.

In fact, experts think so Define the interior of the Pixel Watch “ugly” And with many vibrations of the first generation, A prototype in caseThinking only about external appearance and not paying too much attention to the situation of specific key components in case of possible failure.

Bad news for those who want to buy a Pixel watch, because they have to protect it a lot: the front glass is easily broken and is not repairable, nor are the crown or buttons.

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Anyway, let’s start with the good news, because It doesn’t seem impossible to repair or replace the screen under its curved glassOpening the watch as usual with heat and a plastic lever helps us separate the glass from the chassis.

So far that’s good news, because remove the screen Also the battery will need to be removed from its connector display It is located under the energy storage bag. First, the front…

But this is not the only reason The entire top of the Pixel Watch is curved with no glass protectionSo any impact on a corner can damage it, crack it or break it outright, something that according to user reports Google will not charge for repairs, leaving users with a broken and irreparable smartwatch through official channels. Given its design, Neither the crown nor the buttons appear to be replaceable In this smart watch.

Everything about the Pixel Watch leaves a “first-generation” feel, with little care for the internals, which is also important to Apple.

You’ll see in the video, about 4 minutes long, what Sam Goldhart says once the Pixel Watch is unlocked “It’s clear we’re in the land of Android”con Some components hold ugly welds together Like haptic senses and A non-existent Kapton Tape in the Apple universeWhere the interior faces of the chassis are also painted so that the interior of the Cupertino products also looks good.

They confirm from iFixit that not only the layout of the components is an issue, but the Not tagged or identified as it should beAnd that leaves the first generation sensation with a lot to improve on.

Finally, Pixel Watch is not given a repairability score from iFixit Precisely because of all this, though there are other positive parts such as the rear glass can be detached as easily as the front glass, without being glued or physically attached to any sensors. In addition to own Sam Goldhart praises Google’s new adhesive for the back plateWhich comes out in one piece and without any residue.


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