Imagine the fusion between Cell and Android 18 from Dragon Ball


of the world dragon ball The social network is once again buzzing, due to its premiere Super: Super HeroThe most recent movies that predominate Gohan y picoro. And now, some fans have taken fans to extremes for the series, thanks to some pretty cool art that creates a character that’s never been seen before.

in Instagram User known as Salvamacotto A very special drawing has been shared, with Fusion as the protagonist which is no more or less a result of crossing over Number 18 and cell. Characters that have a link in some way, since they come directly from the beloved story of Android in the Z franchise.

Here you can check it:

18 cells

You can see the result, style art Akira Toriyama Very well preserved with parts cell Its sculpture is embedded in the body 18It is a type of armor, seen in knights zodiac sign. What matters is the use of color in the work, which has the best of both worlds, and even the villain’s tail is preserved.

In news related to the world dragon ball. It is noted that the best value film in the story is neither more nor less Super: Super Hero, it is thanks to the merits of various specialized media. If you want to know everything about it, we invite you to click on the following link.

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