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The new beta for iOS 16 brings news about the effectiveness of modified messages sent to those who do not have the latest version of the software, but we are still far from a definitive solution.

I I l New update iOS 16 Has brought two as dowry New features for iPhone Directly embedded iMessage According to Apple’s notification, users need to radically improve the user experience.

What’s new in iMessage on iOS 16 (AdobeStock)

It’s no secret that American companies are betting on certain suffixes iMessage And two new options have been launched togetheriOS 16 update – will offer consumers a new way to communicate with their interlocutors who own an Apple device. With the first option, it will be possible Edit a message Before the recipient receives it. At the same time, it will be possible Delete – and then make it disappear from the app’s inbox screen iMessage Recipient – Sending a message, as if it never left.

However, as noted by the editors 9 to 5 MacUsers who have installedThe latest beta version of iOS 16 Notice a change in the display of changed messages on iOS for devices running older versions of iOS.

Basically, instead of viewing the edited version of a message, the recipient uses su iPhone is an older version of iOS You will receive the change as a second message with the word “changed”. We remind you that before arrival The new beta of iOS 16, The functionality we are discussing is not available on non-iOS 16 devices However, the new method doesn’t seem quite believable, considering that the recipient will see more messages on the smartphone: in contrast to the old and the new (specifically modified), in the case of a chat exchange between two users on an iPhone with the latest Apple update, the modified message is overwritten by the new Will be done.

How modified iMessage messages work in iOS 16

IMessage iOS 16
With iOS 16, modified messages come to iMessage (AdobeStock)

Take advantage of the two New to iOS 16 You must first access the app iMessage, Identify the message you want to change or cancel, and press and hold it until the options we’ve seen so far appear. However, keep in mind that both items will be available to users Only in the first 15 minutes From sending messages. Therefore, once this time window is closed, it will not be possible to change or delete that message in any way.

Also, unsubscribe and message editing will only be available Chat iMessage Among the users who have Both are an iPhone. Conversely, if the recipient takes advantage of Apple’s instant messaging app by signing in to one Smartphone AndroidYou will not be able to access the options just mentioned.

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