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According to what has been revealed in the last few hours, the new Apple Watch 8 will be launched in a special rugged version that is more resistant than before. Here’s what you need to know about it

Expectations are rising for new smartwatches designed by Apple, a line that should see the light of day in the coming months. Probably already in autumn, time The main point Which will see its presentation (also) IPhone 14. Meanwhile, interesting rumors and rumors continue to pop up on this topic, focusing mainly on design and functionality.

Rumors of a possible Apple Watch 8 (Adobe Stock) possible launch are increasingly being confirmed.

But not only the reason, according to what has come up in the last few hours, there is also talk of new real models. The latest news comes from Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman, who, among other things, unveiled the arrival of a Rugged model of Apple Watch 8Designed to be super resistant in both autonomy and materials.

Apple Watch 8 Rugged, all the information has already come up

Apple Watch Rugged 20220707
Without forgetting the top-of-the-range technical features (unsplash), everything will be focused on the resistance of the device in terms of materials.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, they will be fine Three models of Apple Watch Which will be presented next week. We are first talking about the Standard Model 8, which will be accompanied by the renewed SE and An unprecedented sick version. It is a perfect innovation, designed for those who need a smart watch As strong as possibleEven in the most extreme situations.

At the level of the technical data sheet, we say one thing 2 ”display for 45mm model. This is a crazy advantage, there will be 7% more screens than the current generation. In terms of resolution, we’re talking 410 × 502 pixels. Of course, the change will not only affect the display with shatterproof glass, but also In general the material is more resistant To measure the fall compared to others in the same line, they will be designed exclusively for hiking and swimming. And there is no lack of body temperature detection, as would already happen Watch 8 with base.

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