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Among the most interesting gadgets available on the net is undoubtedly the Swan Sensor, a device that allows you to find out if there is a water leak in your home.

Censor Swan, 17/9/2022 -
Censor Swan, 17/9/2022 –

This is a very relevant product, taking into account that the whole world, including Italy, has been devastated by an endless energy crisis and deep drought for months, as a result, it is always a pleasure to avoid waste and save money at the same time. Swan sensor It is a smart productAs it works through Connect to home Wi-Fi system. A product that is easy to install, battery powered and compact in size. What’s more, it’s highly weatherproof. To configure it, just download the dedicated application swan security, After that the sensor will connect to the home internet network and that’s it. When the operation is completed, on our smartphone, through the Swan software, We may receive push notifications In real time (the company talks about 8 seconds), about the event in question, thus discovering if there are any leaks and if the home’s water system works perfectly without any significant problems.

Censor Swan, 17/9/2022 -
Censor Swan, 17/9/2022 –

Swan sensor, so water leaks in the house will have a short life: technical sheet

As mentioned above, works through sensors AAA battery (included in the package), Which is easily available in the market, and also comes with a Comfortable internal siren which alerts on an alert event.
So let’s see List of facts Swan Sensor:
– Manufacturer: Swan
-Product Dimensions: 5.08 x 15.24 x 8.26 cm
Weight: 140 grams
Stacks: 2 AAA stacks included
– Components include: Wi-Fi leak and flood detector
Dday was able to test and use the Portal Swan sensor, explaining: “We would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to know about connected homes,” To accurately detect small house leaks. And again: “Swan’s sensor for water leakage is worth 35 euros based on the actual utility and the kind of security it can offer, we think. Costs more than acceptable. We tested the device for almost two weeks and the battery level dropped to 96%, so we can also be confident about the autonomy”. Below is the link to buy the device on Amazon

Swan Security – WiFi Leak and Flood Detector
Click here to buy it on Amazon for 32.50 euros

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