Incredible images of recent lunar eclipses seen from the International Space Station


On Monday, a lunar eclipse was observed across most parts of the world, including parts of North and South America and Europe and Africa. A full lunar eclipse is also called ‘Blood Moon’ because it gives the moon a reddish tinge. This is a spectacular view from the earth. It is also an incredible sight from space.

Samantha Christophoretti, an Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency, is currently on the International Space Station for her second mission, Minerva. He has been in space since April 27 after launching the new SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Freedom. Christopherty shared some pictures of his lunar eclipse Twitter.

The ISS is about 400 km (250 miles) above the Earth, so the Christophoretic view of the lunar eclipse is quite different from what we can see.

Christophoreti’s mission is scheduled for six months. He and other ISS astronauts do scientific research, maintain ISS equipment, and do spacewalks. This is not the first time we have seen incredible images of astronauts on the ISS. Last year, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet surprised us with his photographs of the incredible speed of the ISS, a 360-degree video tour of the ISS and a rare blue illuminated event seen from space.

If you miss a recent lunar eclipse, don’t worry, another will be visible in the United States and parts of Asia. November 8th.

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